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Alibaba - There’s Nothing We Can’t Deliver

Problem: 40 Million Chinese men will fail to find wives due to the national gender imbalance.
Insight: Our purchase histories know so much about us, they could be used as matchmakers.

Once upon a time there was a (real, actual) town in Laoya, China, that was full of (real, actual) desperate and lonely men. 

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So Alibaba created a magical algorithm that matched people based on their purchase histories.

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We made their profiles and sent them to the (real, actual) Marriage Market, in the great big city of Shanghai. 


Alongside our special exhibition, we had live calligraphy artists explain to crowds what Alibaba was doing with purchase histories.


“ Shopping for Love? Shop no further. Your Alibaba purchase history already knows your perfect match. Could it be him?  Scan here to see.”

The single women had fun seeing which was the right man for them. 

And if they were interested, QR codes let them check if their data made them compatible.

Alibaba used the traditional red envelope to give the men of Laoya more exposure.

And we found a wife for all of the men, who otherwise would have died alone. 

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