The Navy

The Navy - Saving Water Saves Lives

Problem: Water scarcity will be the main cause of WW3, massive famine, drought, and scary world-suffering scenarios.
Insight: Millennials feel powerless in the plight of the climate crisis and don’t know how to help.


Strategically placed along the river Thames, heat reactive billboards’ message intensifies as the surrounding temperature rises.

game mockup.png

Secret ‘Water Wars’ Navy recruitment game release. The more points earned via the game the quicker your application fast tracked. 

popsickle and stick.png

Special ice-lollies will be handed out on the hottest days of the year.

responsible edit.png

DigitalRecruitment adverts are placed at the top of the ASOS ‘Responsible Edit’ filter and vertical hitting conscious millennial’s full pelt in the face.