Tide - Powered By The Moon

Problem: Coastal towns and inland areas of the UK will be underwater by 2100 due to rising sea levels.
Insight: Underwater turbines powered by the tidal pull of the moon are the future of renewable electricity.

tide turbines.png

We kick off the campaign by building the world’s first self-sufficient floating laundromat off the coast of Norfolk, UK’s fastest eroding city.
Turbines capture the kinetic energy found in the tidal stream movement, transforming it into electricity to power everything from the washing machines to the coffee machine.

Posters flood the country informing the world of Tide’s oceanic stunt.

boat final.png

Picked up by dusk. Delivered by dawn.
(All modes of transport are electric and charged by the moon, of course!)


Direct Mail informs coastal cities of the Tide scheme.

coastal erosion map.png

We’ll further push the campaign by opening up more floating laundromats in the seaside towns most affected by coastal erosion.

Tide. Kind to clothes. Kind to the planet.